Monopoly Fundraiser Landing Page

Looking for a one of a kind gift, product or fundraiser idea?

Look no further than our custom opoly games. You will be able to create a game that feels familiar and yet is uniquely defined by you, including any rules, custom action cards and more!

All of games include the following:

  • Custom Box top
  • Custom Game Board
  • Custom Tray insert
  • Money (7 denominations)
  • 28 property cards
  • 2 sets of 15 game cards
  • Playing pieces
  • Condos and Mansions
  • 2 dice
  • Instruction sheet
  • Each game shrink wrapped

Additional upgrades for orders of less than 100 games:

  • Custom money
  • Level up your game with pewter playing pieces.  Contact us to find out what pieces our current set contains.
Custom Pewter Pieces Train Duck Boom Box Ship Music Note Oil Can
Custom Pewter Pieces

Available options for orders of 100 or more games:

  • Included in the base price:
    • Custom Box Bottom
    • Fully Customized Money
    • Building colors can be changed
    • Pewter Playing pieces from our Pewter Catalog.  See below for information about new custom pieces.
  • Options to level up your game for an additional fee!
    • Custom Playing Pieces
    • Custom Buildings
    • Additional Action Cards for your Fate and Destiny cards.

Fundraising Made Easy!

We have your back

521 Promo provides support with these items:

  • Adobe Illustrator Game component templates
  • Need a designer?  No problem.  For an additional fee we can design a game to your specifications!
  • Sponsorship pricing guides and communication templates
  • Our three step fundraising process, summarized below!
  • Communicate directly with our production team.

Fundraising Process in 3 Steps!

Advertisement Sales

Your team sells all game components to your sponsors. Sponsor income cover the entire manufacturing process and shipping cost.

Board Creation

Your team designs the games in a template provided by 521 Promo.

Creative Product Sales

Your games are delivered to your facility and your team then sells the games. Every game sold is money that can go directly to the event, non-profit or organization.

Why choose 521 Promo

No matter what the size of your event, 521 Promo makes it simple to raise thousands of dollars for your event. You're in full control of the fundraiser from sales to designing your Opoly game. 

Thank you for your hard work and patience helping us to develop and produce a custom “opoly” game to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Fast Enterprises.   Last month, we distributed copies to our over 1,200 employees and their families in some 60 locations in the U.S., Canada, Asia, Europe, and Oceania...   ...The ability to customize every detail of the game... ...allowed us to overlay our company jargon and concepts and make the game truly about us.   I highly recommend your custom “opoly” product to anyone who wants something really special.
Ron – Fast-Opoly
Well, the games arrived this afternoon and look great and are in great condition...   ... I am so grateful for you and the time you took to help me get this all together.  It was a long process and you were very patient with me and I really appreciate it.   Tell your boss you deserve a big bonus!!!   I enjoyed doing business with your company and hopefully, I'll sell so many I will have to re-order more!
Custom monopoly board town fundraiser for the town of Ennis Montana.
Liz – Ennis-Opoly

Commonly Asked Questions

How much does a custom Opoly game cost?
The game cost varies depending on the quantity and purchased customizations. Shipping also varies by destination and number of games. Contact us to receive a welcome kit with a pricing guide! If you have customization outside of what is listed in the pricing guide, we will be happy to quote you on your specific customizations.
Can we create a Monopoly game or a game just like the original Monopoly game?

No!  At this time we do not have a licensing agreement with Hasbro to create custom Monopoly games.  That said, you can create a fully customized version the way you want, with the rules you want.  You only need to follow the Custom Opoly Design Rules document that we provide when you become our client.  

Can I customize my own pewter playing pieces?

Yes for game orders of 100 or more, you can order customized pewter playing pieces.  For lower order quantities we do have pre-selected pewter playing sets available for purchase.

Can I design my custom Opoly game?

Absolutely!  For orders less than 100 utilize our online application to create your own customized Opoly game.  Create your game now!

For customers order 100 or more customized Opoly games we provide Adobe Illustrator template files that are used to create your game.

Lastly, we provide game design services for those discerning clients who may not have the time nor inclination to design their own game.

Can I customize the currency in my Opoly game?

Yes!  For game orders of less than 100 units, there will be an extra charge.  Orders of 100 or more units include the custom money in the price.

How long will it be before I can have a physical game in my hands?

The time varies based on the quantity ordered.  That said, generally speaking, on average you can expect some near the following :

  • 1 game, on average, will take about 1 and 1/2 weeks from the time you approve the game for production until the day it shows up on your doorstep.  Note that this applies to games shipped in the continental United States.  Overseas orders will likely take longer due to longer delivery times.
  • 10 - 75 games will typically take about 3 to 4 weeks.  Again, the destination shipping address can add time.
  • For 100+ games you should plan on about 4-9 months depending on the time of year the order is placed.
Will my pictures be blurry on the production copy?

We do our best to produce high quality products.  If you send an image that is blurry or will likely result in a less quality product we will let you know and request a new image.  If you decide to keep the image then we will do so.  Of course, if you must have a particular image and it's blurry then the final product will contain that slightly blurred image.  

Can I add pictures to all of the spaces?

For orders utilizing our online custom Opoly design application there are some locations on the board that do not currently allow modification.  However, once the game has been submitted to us for your order, we can then make any additional modifications for you.

For larger orders, the Adobe templates allow nearly complete control over the design.

Can I make my custom Opoly game more personal to be given away as a business gift?

Yes!  You have the ability to create a custom game with the look and feel that you envision as long as the design elements fall within our Custom Opoly Design Rules.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship globally to anyplace that UPS, FedEx and DHL deliver.  Furthermore, we also leverage a third party logistics provider to manage delivery of larger game orders which can be delivered anywhere there is a reasonable address and accessible by the delivery vehicle which is most commonly a truck.  You can request a shipping quote by including the shipping destination address information in your quote or information request form.

Can I customize my own action cards?

Yes! You can put almost any penalty or reward on your action cards.  Our online Game Creator has the list pre-populated with suggestions but you are able to change any of them to what you want!

Customer's with orders larger than 100 can directly change the template files that were provided, and furthermore, can even create additional cards beyond the 16 for a small additional fee per card.  Contact us using the quote form to request the additional pricing information.

What are the supported file formats?

Due to the nature of printing from our templates.  We prefer that the template files are only modified in Adobe Illustrator.  Files that have been modified utilizing InDesign or other applications will incur an additional $300 fee to account for the necessary time involved in having our team place the design back into the original format.  We tend to use the latest in the Adobe suite of projects, so if you find that our templates don't work because they're in a newer version please let us know the version of Adobe Illustrator you are utilizing and we'll confirm whether or not we can provide you template files for that version of Illustrator.

Preferred file formats:

  • For embedded images we support the standard PNG, and JPG file formats.  
  • For customer logos we highly recommend getting original digital copies of their logos in EPS or SVG formats in order to have a polished, professional looking end product. 
How can I send my custom Opoly game files to you?

We support several options, including WeTransfer, Google Drive, DropBox, FTP and others.  Our preferred method is WeTransfer.

Looking to create less than 100 games?