Custom Opoly Fundraisers


Scranton Opoly

This worked as a great fundraiser for a few non-profit organizations in Scranton, Pa.

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This game was used to fund an organization, but was still based around the town of Lakewood, NJ.

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Bucks County Opoly

You don't always have to stick to a town! This game was based around the entire county.

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Perfect for any size fundraiser!


Because a custom opoly game is a perfect fundraiser for your event, town, school, team, chamber of commerce, non-profit or any other organization looking to raise large amounts of money. These games can produce anywhere from $17,500 to $75,000 PROFIT for your cause!

There is NO money out of your pocket, meaning every single game sold is 100% profit!


500    Games - $35.00 - $17,500
1,000 Games - $35.00 - $35,000
2,000 Games - $35.00 - $70,000
3,000 Games - $35.00 - $105,000
5,000 Games - $35.00 - $175,000
7,500 Games - $35.00 - $262,500

How It Works

Your organization determines how many games to purchase and which enhancements you want for your game. Using our suggested rate chart, your organization will then sell the various spaces and game components to local businesses as an ad.

There are 40 spaces you can sell, plus each money denomination, the board center, box top and much more!
This pays for the 100% of the game shipping and manufacturing costs.

We will help you get all of the artwork set in the templates, you are responsible for collecting the artwork.
Once the games arrive you can sell them anywhere from $20 - $40 a piece.
The recommended minimum order for a fundraiser would be 500 games, or 1,000 per 10,000 people.

How to Start

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Online Builder

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Having Trouble?

No problem! You can contact us at anytime and someone from our sales team will be more than happy to assist you.


Pricing depends on the qty ordered. Request a quote at any time for your custom game!


  • Box top and Bottom
  • Board
  • Tray insert
  • Money (7 denominations)
  • 28 property cards
  • 2 sets of 15 game cards
  • Playing pieces
  • Condos and Mansions
  • 2 dice
  • Instruction sheet
  • Each game shrink wrapped
  • Optional Upgrades: Plastic pawns to pewter playing pieces, customized building shapes and colors, and more!!



I've worked with 521 Promo for a few dice projects now. They were ready and able to accommodate my orders both large and small. Would recommend to anyone!