“Just wanted you to know how well our Seaside-opoly game is selling. As I told you the season is over, but we are still selling them. I’ve had nothing but positive feed back on them. They look really great. I keep 2 boxes in my car and yesterday the gas attendant off the island and out of town saw the box in my car. He loved it and is buying one. Thanks again for getting us such a professional looking game.”
Faye Haring (Seaside-opoly)

“I work with 521 Promo, who does everything from convention support materials, to custom opoly, to anything and everything with games/cards. She literally takes care of everything, and provides hassle free to-your-door service. One of the best I’ve found in the business. Can you tell I like working with her?”
Eric (Wyrd Minitures)

“I’ve worked with 521 Promo for a few dice projects now. They were ready and able to accommodate my orders both large and small. Would recommend to anyone!”
Janelle (dice order)

“Well, the games arrived this afternoon and look great and are in great condition… … I am so grateful for you and the time you took to help me get this all together. It was a long process and you were very patient with me and I really appreciate it. Tell your boss you deserve a big bonus!!! I enjoyed doing business with your company and hopefully, I’ll sell so many I will have to re-order more!”
Liz (Ennis-Opoly)

“The games came in, and we are so very pleased with the outstanding quality! They look amazing, even better than the actual Monopoly games! Thank you so much for all your help.”
Melisa Motas

“We received the games today!
Everything looks fantastic. Thanks so much!!”
JEP Rockland (Monsey-Opoly)

“Thank you for your hard work and patience helping us to develop and produce a custom “opoly” game to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Fast Enterprises.
Last month, we distributed copies to our over 1,200 employees and their families in some 60 locations in the U.S., Canada, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. Our overseas employees were particularly happy to receive their games and many of our employees’ families have played the game multiple times.
The ability to customize every detail of the game – box top, sides, bottom, and insert; game board; property deeds; game play cards; pewter tokens (playing pieces); property development pieces; money; dice; and instructions – allowed us to overlay our company jargon and concepts and make the game truly about us. Your willingness to work with us to refine all the parts – especially the tokens – was very much appreciated.
The quality of the finished product is outstanding. We feel that game play is much enhanced by the quality of the parts that the players actually touch during play: the pewter tokens and the game play cards and property deeds.
Given the level of customization that you were able to support and the quality of the product, the cost per game was quite reasonable – around that of a “special edition” version of the well-known, generic game.
I highly recommend your custom “opoly” product to anyone who wants something really special”
Ron (FastOpoly)

“Thank you so so much! Ya, I was on middle of teaching when they called!
They are awesome! My students are so excited! Everyone is very impressed ;)”
Chaya (LaOpoly)

“The games arrived. They look great! Thanks for your partnership with this.”
Crystal (Albert Lea Tribune)

“The games are here!!! They are super fun and really look great. Thanks so much for your help! I know we are going to have some excited alumni!!!”
Jenny (AugieOpoly)

“We had a great experience with 521 Promotions and their information is attached. Our spreadsheet with the price per spot is attached with our service agreement. The goal was to sell the spots to cover the cost of printing 400 games. We made money on the sale of the games. Sold about 300 of the 400 but what we have left are great of donations, gifts, etc. If I could do ONE THING different it would be selling the spots for more than I did. Literally we spot every spot within 24 hours. Our members LOVE IT and did at our theme at our banquet in February 2019.”
Becki (Bastropopoly)

“Our games were received on Friday, and they are BEAUTIFUL. We absolutely love them! They are high quality and I know they are going to be very popular.”
Becky (HarmonyOpoly)

“The games are here and they are beautiful!!!! So excited to get them out into the public. Thank you so much for your patience with us and for coaching us through the project!”
Heather (JacksonvilleOpoly)

“Omg! Out games arrived last night and they look AMAZING!!!!!!”
April (North ScottOpoly)

“We have been getting great feedback on the boards they came out beautiful, thank you.”
Nicole (PequannockOpoly)

“They have arrived. We are thrilled with the result. Thank you again and again for your hard work!”
Matt (Rochester Opera House)

“I wanted to confirm that we received the games this morning. Thank you very much!! The games are absolutely perfect and the quality is beyond our expectations. I greatly appreciate all of your help with our order.”
Elisa (13th Floor Opoly)

“The games came in and at first glance they look amazing! Thank you!”
Krista (LakevilleOpoly)

“I have received the game and honestly…I could not have asked for better quality. Its absolutely incredible what your team have done and i’m over the moon happy.”
Tony (YachtOpoly)

“I wanted to let you know that we received our games and they look GREAT!! Thank you so much for all your help!”
Traci (Bolivar-Opoly)

“We have received the games, they are great! We are really really happy with how they turned out and wanted to say Thank You.”
Emma (BusBizOpoly)

“They arrived yesterday and they are so happy!! Thank you again for your help with this project.”
Eden (Meatopoly)