Custom Monopoly Games for all occasions.

Opoly Games

Corporate Give Away

Pepsiopoly games were used as corporate/employee gifts

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Custom Pewter Pieces

Each game come with standard plastic pieces. You can upgrade to pewter pieces.

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Town Fundraising

Phillyopoly was created as a city wide fundraiser with a % of the proceeds going to CHOP.

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Custom Opoly Games

We are experts in the custom monopoly and custom property trading game industry.

We will help you every step of the way from concept to completion of your games.

With the absolute LOWEST min. order in the US at just one single custom game, we also have the capability to produce 50,000+ games. The process for 1-50 is a little different than 250 + so please contact us for more information and pricing. Again we can not produce a Custom Monopoly Game, but we can create a property trading game that will more than meet your needs.

How to Start

Contact us to discuss your needs.

Since every game calls for something a little different we do not offer pricing on the site, so please contact us to discuss your project further. We like to work with each client on an individual basis so we can create the perfect game for you.


Full game templates

We have full templates available for all aspects of the game.

Can't Design?

No problem! If you do not have a graphic artist or marketing department, our team at 521 Promo will work with you.

We will ensure you have a beautiful custom opoly game to present to your customers.


  • Box top and Bottom
  • Board
  • Tray insert
  • Money (7 denominations)
  • 28 property cards
  • 2 sets of 15 game cards
  • Playing pieces
  • Condos and Mansions
  • 2 dice
  • Instruction sheet
  • Each game shrink wrapped


Faye Haring

Just wanted you to know how well our Seaside-opoly game is selling. As I told you the season is over, but we are still selling them. I've had nothing but positive feed back on them. They look really great. I keep 2 boxes in my car and yesterday the gas attendant off the island and out of town saw the box in my car. He loved it and is buying one. Thanks again for getting us such a professional looking game.

Faye Haring