Where to Begin Your Opoly Game Fundraiser!

Many people hesitate to follow through with a great fundraising idea because the amount of work it can feel insurmountable. Here at 521 Promo, we understand that running a fundraiser can require a great deal of time, energy and patience as you work through the various logistics needed to pull off a great project.  A project that may be designed to provide a significant amount of money to support a particular community need or local non-profit charity who may desperately need those funds.
We're here to walk with you from start to finish. So let's dive in!


This could be the easiest part of the process.  If you're doing a town fundraiser then you will likely name the game after your town with the suffix -Opoly added to the end.  For example, if you live in Phoenix, then you would choose Phoenix-Opoly, or, if doing a fundraiser for an organization, then Organization-Name-Opoly.  Honestly, it's up to you and there is a lot of freedom as long as you don't call it Monopoly as in the game produced by Hasbro.


For large fundraisers this is where the money is raised that covers the cost of the game production and shipping. Utilizing our Sponsorship Pricing Guide you will select the guide that aligns with the quantity of games that you wish to produce.  That sheet contains the suggested selling prices for each spot on the board, the money sponsorships as well as individual sponsorships.  You are at liberty to adjust the prices up or down according to your needs and you will be able to quickly verify whether or not you will raise enough money to cover the production at shipping in the spreadsheet itself. We also provide sample emails and agreement documents that you can provide to the sponsors.  Furthermore, as part of the sales process you will collect high quality logo images for each property and money sponsor which will be used in the game design phase. Once all sponsorships have been collected the Game Design phase begins, although it is sometimes possible to complete the sponsorships while working on the Game Design.


At this point, you've collected your high quality sponsor logo image or vector files, and you have decided to either work with your own graphic designer or hire 521 Promo to design your Monopoly style game.  For those doing the design work, we provide templates that you will use to theme the game around your organization, event or city. Regardless of which process you utilize.  There will be several rounds of design and feedback before we send the design off for production.  This is the time to correct those typographical errors or other errors because correcting them after or during the production process will likely result in additional charges to you.


After you have approved the set of production ready images and paid the 50% deposit, those games being produced off-shore will go through one more round of proofing and feedback before the actual production begins. The quantity ordered will potentially impact the manufacturing time which can range from less than 2 weeks for small orders to 8-10 weeks for larger orders.


Once the games are produced they will be put on a boat or a truck, with large overseas production going by boat and then trucked to their final destination, while small quantifies may be air shipped and delivered by truck.  The delivery time can range from a few days to 4-6 weeks for large orders.


I hope you now have a better understanding of the Monopoly style game fundraising process. If you have any questions at all please visit www.521promo.com for more information or feel free to contact us anytime.


We are not attorneys! ALL legal matters concerning protection of your product should be discussed with an attorney. This article is simply meant to give you a quick overview of the process and not legal advice. There may be some other steps you deem important or need to take in order to create your game.