Single Games

Single Games

Partner Game

Serves as a great gift for your partner. Give as a birthday, anniversary or holiday gift.

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School Auction Fundraiser

These games are PERFECT for a unique school auction fundraiser.

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Employee Training

Have new sales people? What better way to train them! Several clients use these games as a training tool.

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Single Opoly Games

We can create up to 50 games using this process.

We do not only create custom games for larger companies, we also cater to the individual orders. You can now create an entire game based around your family, friends, loved one, special occasion, or anything else your heart desires!

This is not a Personalized Monopoly Game, we are not associated with the brand Monopoly or it's affiliates. We can create a personalized opoly game or property trading game.

How to Start

You can use our Online game builder to start designing now. Click Here to begin! The entire process will take about an hour of your time. You can save your game at anytime and return later to continue.


Online Builder

You can click here to start designing your game now.

Having Trouble?

No problem! You can contact us at anytime and someone from our sales team will be more than happy to assist you.


One game is $150.00 + shipping. The price per game reduces depending on the qty ordered. Please contact us for pricing on higher qty than one game.


  • Box top and Bottom
  • Board
  • Tray insert
  • Money (7 denominations)
  • 28 property cards
  • 2 sets of 15 game cards
  • Playing pieces
  • Condos and Mansions
  • 2 dice
  • Instruction sheet
  • Each game shrink wrapped


Melisa Motas

The games came in, and we are so very pleased with the outstanding quality! They look amazing, even better than the actual Monopoly games! Thank you so much for all your help.

Melisa Motas