Where to Begin Your Opoly Game Silent Auction!

Many people hesitate to follow through with a great silent auction idea because the amount of work it can feel insurmountable.

Here at 521 Promo, we understand that running a silent auction can require a great deal of time, energy and patience as you work through the various logistics needed to pull off a great project.  A project that may be designed to provide a significant amount of money to support a particular community need or local non-profit charity who may desperately need those funds. 

We're here to walk with you from start to finish. So let's dive in!


This could be the easiest part of the process.  If you're doing a charity fundraiser, you might choose to add the suffix -Opoly to the end of the particular charity or event.  For example, if your event is for Stop Hunger, then you could choose Stop Hunger-Opoly, or, Save the Wild Stallions, then Wild-Stallions-Opoly.  Honestly, it's up to you and there is a lot of freedom as long as you don't call it Monopoly as in the game produced by Hasbro.


At this point, you've selected a game name and you have decided to either work with your own graphic designer or hire 521 Promo to design your Monopoly style game.  Have fun with the design.  Theme the game according to your event or charity and make something to remember. You will begin the design process with our online tool which will then be managed by our internal graphic designer at no extra charge, unless you want us to create a highly custom board.  Contact us if this is the case.

Regardless of which process you utilize.  There will be several rounds of design and feedback before we send the design off for production.  This is the time to correct those typographical errors or other errors because correcting them after or during the production process will likely result in additional charges to you.


After you have approved the set of production ready images and paid the deposit the production process begins. 

We recommend ordering 2 - 3 games for silent auctions and that the opening bid be set at the cost of the game.  


Games are typically produced and on your door step in less than 2 weeks.


I hope you now have a better understanding of the Monopoly style silent auction game process. If you have any questions at all please visit www.521promo.com for more information or feel free to contact us anytime.


We are not attorneys! ALL legal matters concerning protection of your product should be discussed with an attorney. This article is simply meant to give you a quick overview of the process and not legal advice.

There may be some other steps you deem important or need to take in order to create your game.


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