Reasons To Buy A Opoly Custom Board Game Online

Opoly is a game that has been around for years and is still trendy among families. The board game has become such an integral part of American culture that it now appears in many forms aside from the original game board. It’s easy to play, can be played by two or four players, and will entertain you for hours on end. The game itself is fun, but it doesn’t stop with the game itself. You can also buy custom-made plus Opoly boards online!

It’s customizable

When you buy an Opoly custom board online, you have the option to make it personal. You can customize the board, including adding your own artwork and graphics. You can also customize the rules of play by adding or removing certain pieces or changing them altogether.

You can also customize the pieces that come with the game. You could choose to include your favorite sports teams or characters on some of the pieces, or you could make them all look different from one another.

It makes a great gift

Suppose you’re looking to give a gift this holiday season. In that case, there are few things better than a customized board game, whether for parents or kids, grandparents or teachers—or even friends and neighbors!—Opoly custom boards online are the perfect way to surprise someone with something they’ll enjoy playing repeatedly.

It can be used to teach kids essential life skills

You’re not just getting a fun game when you buy an Opoly custom board online. You also get the chance to teach your kids essential life skills like managing money and avoiding debt.

It’s easy for kids as young as six to learn about these concepts by playing Opoly, mainly because each player starts with $1 million in their bank account. This makes it easier for them to understand that saving isn’t always bad—and that sometimes it’s even necessary!

The game teaches children about hard work; if all else fails, at least one person on the board needs to boot up their own business to produce income (or “go bust”). This helps explain why investing is so important: if everything goes according to plan, everyone eventually wins big together!

Great for branding

When you’re looking to buy custom-made plus Opoly boards online, it’s essential to ensure that your logo is visible on the board and pieces. You can also customize the colors of these elements, so they match your brand. This way, people will recognize what company produced this product right away!

If you’re looking for a custom Opoly board game, you must ensure that your logo is visible on the board and pieces. You can also customize the colors of these elements so they match your brand.

Closing thoughts

We hope you’ve found this article helpful in your search for an Opoly custom board online. We’d love to hear from you if you’re still on the fence! Feel free to get in touch with us at their contact page or leave us a comment below with any questions or concerns.

What Does A Customized Monopoly Board Game Contain

Monopoly is one of the most sold games not only in America but throughout the whole world. You might be wondering what’s new about them now. So, vendors have been providing customized monopoly board games for some time. The customized board game is a significant artifact to get your friends and family members involved in an activity that they will enjoy. So here is some necessary information on what a customized monopoly board game contains:

Box top and bottom

The box top and bottom are made of high-quality, sturdy cardboard. They can also be customized according to your chosen theme, adding to a more personalized experience. The box top will have a picture of a scene from your board game, and the bottom will have instructions for playing the game.


The board is generally 50cm x 50cm and is the main thing required to play the game. The board is customized to the theme you pick and can be anything. Most people would pick stories where they can place their family members as characters in the game.

The cards

The game box will also contain two sets of 15 game cards, Money (7 denominations), and 28 property cards. Again all of these will be customized according to your theme. Knowing this and tracking them is essential because losing a piece could ruin your game experience. They are also crucial because you can trade with the denominations and the game cards.

2 Dice

An essential part of any board game. The customized monopoly board game comes with two dice for the game to function. So what are you waiting for? Let’s roll!

Playing pieces

One of the essential artifacts required to play the game, the playing pieces are customized to your choice. These are the markers that move according to how the player plays, and not only that, they also consist of houses, etc., to mark one’s property.

A set of instructions on how to play and win

This is a paper with the rules, a list of properties worth money, and how to get it. It shows you how to play the game and gives you some tips on how to win the game. The instruction sheets are very detailed and easy to read, which makes it perfect for people who aren’t familiar with the gameplay.

Pewter pieces (additional payment)

These are useful for playing monopoly games in a board game format. They have different shapes and sizes to suit your needs and preferences. A set of pewter tokens representing each of the properties on the board. You can use these for everything from money to houses, hotels and utilities.

Tray insert

The tray insert is designed to hold the board, tokens, and money, and it also has spaces for the dice and the spinner. The tray insert can be customized to match your favorite color or design. The tray insert is made from a plastic material that is durable and easy to clean.

Closing thoughts

That’s pretty much it, and we hope we’ve cleared any arising doubts. Getting your own customized monopoly game is so fun and exciting that people ignore getting complete information on it, but if you’re here, you’re brilliant! If you’re looking for a customized monopoly board game maker online, contact us at 521 Promo for all your needs!

Designing a Custom Business Board Game to Increase Employee Engagement

For organizational competitiveness and growth, employee engagement is a key catalyst. Companies are now investing a lot to adopt gamification measures to improve staff development and engagement. Gamification is the application of game mechanics in a simulated non-game environment to foster desired behavior and drive learning outcomes.

As counter-intuitive as it may sound, games are highly relevant in a business environment as they make social interactions possible for employees to work hard as friendly competitions. One relatively inexpensive approach implemented by numerous businesses and organizations is using customized personal monopoly board games. These games usher engagement connections and challenges for desired organizational outcomes.

Game Genres

Choosing the most suitable board game will give you the upper hand as you’d no longer waste time and effort on the wrong game. Below are the most popular genres of board games.

  1. Classic or Family – These games demand players to race around a path to reach the goal/destination. These games involve less strategy and purely for entertainment.

  2. Euro-Style – Victory points are the key highlights of these games. Euro-style board games come with strong themes, and there is political element ingrained into them.

  3. Strategy – This is perhaps the only genre you should be focused on to build a corporate objective-based board game. Having a strong narrative, these board games also require significant collaborative efforts, where players make or break alliances as the game progresses.

  4. Card-Based – These games have randomized outcomes where players get eliminated in each round. The objective of the game is primarily based on victory points.

Building the Game

Now, let us address the elephant in the room – How to actually design a customized board game that will benefit your business? To develop a working game that will not only benefit employees but also keep them happily engaged three things are necessary: establishing the purpose, knowing the target players, and identifying key outcomes.

Here is a three-step process to design and build a customized personal monopoly board game for a corporate organization.

Extract Insights – Define the challenge by gathering requirements to build the game. Using modern diagnostic methods, determine the critical factors and context that will drive employee engagement. While doing so, consider how employees perceive the organizational structure and operations, the workplace dynamics, and the quality of business communication among staff.

Explore Designs – Gameplay scenario and context must be deeply explored to know all the possibilities. Stakeholders must be actively involved to brainstorm the probable game designs. You need to understand that building and designing a game is a collective effort. Once all the feasible ideas are accounted for, prototype the board game. Review the game with managers, executives, and stakeholders to know if any changes are required. To offer best experience to the employees, feedback is essential, which you will receive during the review process.

Implement – This is the final stage where the game goes live. Reviewers note down the reaction and take feedback from the employees. Modifications are then made if and when required. The first version of the game won’t be perfect; it is a continuous development process wherein with each iteration the game experience would improve.

So, why are you waiting? Design, implement, and let the show begin!

Choosing 521 Promo

Use our personal monopoly board games to integrate them into employee training programs. Many of our corporate clients use these games as training tools, and we have received great feedback. We also have an online builder tool to help you create customized designs for the game. Visit this link to get a quote.