The Ultimate Guide To Making A Customized Monopoly Board

We are all simultaneously addicted to screens and have had enough of them. The biggest challenge when trying to limit your screen time is having nothing to do outside of screens! Well, the solutions have always been there—but the best one of all is creating your own monopoly game. A twist on the classic and the personal touch will make the game more fun! A board game could help you reminisce with family, socialize with friends, or even enhance employee engagement at the workplace.

Making a customized monopoly game is a fun activity, made easier by our opoly products. Here’s a guide to designing your own monopoly board game.

Choose A Theme

We have already sorted the template and the pieces and the money (with seven denominations!), all you need to do is come up with a theme for your customized game. You have a world of ideas to explore: your hometown or the city you work in, an event you are planning in the near future, or you could go with something completely unrelated to anything–like a food-themed board. It’s your game, after all.

Just remember to not get too specific, your theme has to incorporate everything from railroads to rentals. Your theme will also inspire your game’s name.

Iron Out The Details

Based on your theme, you will need to decide on street names, properties, alternative names for Chance, Community Chest, Income Tax, Luxury Tax, and so on. You can also leave them as they are. Planning a Medieval-themed board? Go for dungeons instead of jail cells. Make a list of various landmarks or locations that can be bought and sold. For each of the groupings, you will need to choose eight different colors. For your office-inspired board, properties could be named as “Employee’s House” or “Boss’s Chamber”. Remember to add something creative to the ‘Start’ space as well as the other corner spots.

Design The Cards

The Title Deed Cards include rent details, name of the property, mortgage information, and so on. For Chance and Community Chest Cards, you can either stick with the classic or design them as per your theme. Remember to make the values the same as the original, or you could upset the balance of the game.

Go Over The Rules

You might want to keep the same template and rules as the original, or you could make the game more competitive. You can, for example, rearrange the property spaces to make it more difficult or change the length of time someone is imprisoned. You can keep a copy of the original rules from an earlier version handy if you don’t want to lose too much of the original game.

If you’re set with the theme, design, and changes in place, all you need to do next is order a customized monopoly board from 521 Promo. We have complete templates for every aspect of the game. Plus, we will work with you to create your design, in case graphic design is not your forte. We will ensure you have a beautiful custom opoly game for yourself, your team or your customers.

Embrace a game of competition and fun with your friends and family by gathering around a customized Monopoly board from 521 Promo!

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